Empirical means that which is verifiable through observance or experience. At Empirical Investigative Services, that is our goal for our clients. When we are given a case, it is our job to observe all facts presented and then make a professional recommendation to our clients based on our education, experience, and training. That means a professional and thorough investigation is done quickly. Many investigative firms specialize in surveillance or desk investigations. This separates Empirical Investigative Services from the rest. We can still do the surveillance and desk investigations. But we are also nimble enough to get into the field quickly and report the findings so our clients can move their cases to the proper disposition. You will not see delays in our investigations. You will see a streamlined, factual report that will stand up in court if need be.

David Pollock, SCLA, carries 36 years of experience in the insurance field.  He has worked as a Claims Professional, Senior Investigator, Associate Agent, Account Executive, SIU Manager and Field Investigator for insurance companies, agencies, and private investigative firms.   Mr. Pollock has handled insurance matters nationwide.  His primary field experience runs from Massachusetts to Florida and east of the Mississippi River to Ohio. Mr. Pollock can handle all lines of insurance and perform compliance and regulatory training. 

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